Marijke Pieters was born in the netherlands in 1967, lived for several years in British Guyana as a child.

She attended art college in Kampen in 1988 and finished her education as a certified art teacher in 1992 at the Noordelijke Hogeschool Leeuwarden, the Netherlands.

Due to lack of teaching jobs, she builded a succesful career in youth services, refugee - and social work. Became a mum of two wonderful young woman.

An artist blood flows deep and strong and therefore she turned back to her artistic roots through the years. In the beginning of 2016 she decided to dedicate her life as a fulltime professional artist.

Marijke her work is an attempt to react on life, her life and life in general. Seeing life as a complex system, were chaos and balans are in a continues frequence. In her reaction she uses materials and techniques what fits the situation, feeling or emotion. She regards herself more as a composer, constantly searching for the chaotic movement and balans in her work.